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What is MyAltis?

MyAltis is an online virtual center that can deliver e-learning courses from any computer. This collaborative training center is accessible via a regular Internet connection and does not require any installation. It enables all types of professional or academic content to be accessed using an isometric 3D virtual center where each learner has his avatar. Up to 500 students can connect simultaneously to work alone or as part of a group and progress toward their learning path. The tool allows the trainer to easily manage all his courses, their content, the user accounts and their performance.

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User experience

MyAltis provides a unique training experience: Learners can learn together from around the world in a social and collaborative platform. Indeed, the training courses are accessible at any time in the virtual center, users can exchange knowledge and bring their own training content.

My Altis is compatible with a wide variety of content type: the trainer can use a combination of multimedia documents, e-learning modules and mini-serious games that are all available in the different virtual rooms within the platform.

Content management, user groups monitoring and performance supervision are crucial features of the platform and all the generated data are presented in graphical format for easy analysis or exported in an excel sheet for further processing.

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The learner is at the heart of the experience and the virtual center is entirely dedicated to his training. Learning path content is accessible in different the rooms and following a pre-defined order: Visit the library to read documents, go to the video room to watch some multimedia content, assess your understanding in running an e-learning module or a serious game, the possibilities are endless. While moving on step-by-step, the learner will be requested to exchange with others in the interactive forum or social network accessible near the coffee machine ... The more he gets involved, the more points are being earned. His level of expertise is visible to the whole community and his points can be redeemed in the online shop.

The trainer remains present at all times and can intervene either directly with groups or individual message, or by sending a general notification to the entire visitors. It thus animates the user community and keeps an eye on the progress of each participant.

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Save time and money!

MyAltis is a new training experience. Learners do not need to travel to work together. They mimic the way they usually learn when part of a class and move and behave just as if in a real training center, open 24/7.

Accessible through your browser and operating in SaaS mode, MyAltis is fully secured and stored on Solar Games dedicated servers designed to support a large number of connections simultaneously.

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Moving step-by-step to complete autonomy

A different MyAltis server is deployed for each customer. The client is first accompanied during a test pilot with a limited number of learners. From the educational engineering phase, content creation and gamification, Solar Games engineering team is here to answer all the questions related to the training program definition. Thanks to this support, the trainer becomes autonomous rapidly and can manage the entire training process by himself.

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Application areas of MyAltis

MyAltis is customizable and contains a selection of rooms dedicated to all types of training, in professional, institutional or academic environments. But it is possible to have other environments represented for training in areas such as environmental awareness, health prevention or fire protection to name a few... MyAltis also offers a room for launching E-Learning modules, LMS and serious games. For the latter, several game mechanics are already programmed and only require for the trainer to enter his own questions.

Experience the breadth of applications for our training tools 

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